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This was my original idea for my A-Level Computing project. The simple idea is to gently land the rocket on the landing pad without going too far to the left / right or going too fast. I vaguely remember tapping out code from the BBC Micro Manual for a Rocket Simulator, the princicle was the same. The only major difference is the graphics which were done by simply moving around a 'PictureBox' control and letting it refresh itself.

Why I did it

At first it seemed like a good and fun idea for a project, but it lacked data storage and retreival, so I figured I'd get better marks for a database.

Other info

It uses simple constant acceleration formulae to simulate the physics of the situation. I drew the moon surface and the ship, but never got round to putting a flame underneath. On my P(III) 450, I only got 15 fps using this. Not bad for Visual Basic I suppose.