This is a turn based board game. You build an army and use it to over-run the other player, while he/she is attempting to do the same. Players take it in turn to use all their structures and units. Each unit (vehicle, footsoldier, etc) has a certain number of attacks, a certain distance it can move, and attributes relating to its strength, weapons power and other features that make it unique from all the others.

The important fact is that players have to mine gold in order to get money to build and maintain their armies. This means you have to hold territory and protect your Mining units and the flow of gold from these back to the refineries. However interesting this may (or may not) sound, the problem was that games could last hours and hours and hours, players taking ages to complete their turns. It could be fast and exciting when combat started, as we discovered a number of tactics you could employ for various effects, but it was generally boring and basically more fun to write than to play :)

A lesson for the future: If i ever write a proper game, make it a fast, simple realtime multiplayer one, not a slow complicated turnbased one.

Why I did it

I think it started as a school project of some sort, maybe for English. 'Design a board game'

After that it grew beyond all recognition, and developed its odd looking interface. Hand-drawn tanks and badly deigned, cheap and flat looking buildings drawn on top of a satellite image of Stockholm...

Other info

Unfortunately I was playing around with it relatively recently, and I left it broken. This means I can't link to any source code / executables because it doesn't get further than the loading screen. What I can do is link to the manual HTML file that I made at the same time. This has some rather old and ugly screenshots.