IRC Bot - blasmo


The code for this bot was ripped straight from the bot for which I developed my funky maths thing (mentioned just before this). It was originally a bot to log what people stay and generate realtime statistics using a mySql database, but my hacked up version does very little at the moment. There are two things I am trying to implement before I give it any functionality. The first, is a decent queue system to prevent it from flooding itself off the IRC server by talking too much too fast. The second will involve me fiddling with ClassLoader to try and get it to update its message handler objects without shutting down, so I add newly compiled stuff without disconnecting the bot.

Why I did it

Bots are good fun, and this one has lots of potential, what with my school friends' obsession with online computer games and SMS. There are a lot of things I could do with it. This is my first attempt at network code, but it isnt too painful. Java has a nice socket object you can create, and all the network code was already written when I got my hands on the code.

Other info

'blammo' can be found on #trout on quakenet, my bot 'blasmo' (when im playing with it) is normally found in #rydeboyz on the same network, but at the moment it isnt the most exiting bot in the world :(