I wrote these pages when I was 16 and applying for undergraduate Computer Science at various universities. I linked to it in all my applications but only one of the interviewers (York Universtity) actually looked at it. We had a nice discussion, I recall, but I can't remember what about. He offered me a place but I eventualy decided to go to Warwick instead.

Having recently found a copy of these pages on an old backup cd, I've decided to put them back on the web (mostly for reasons of nostalgia). Perhaps others might also find it amusing to see how I wasted my childhood. Be warned, however. I haven't changed any of the following pages since they were written nearly 10 years ago, and thus there may be strong evidence of childishness.

Spark’s Rushed Webby

This website has grown from the sudden need for me (David Cunningham) to put some of my old programming stuff online for anyone to see.

There are quite a large number of programs here, so I have summarised them in the following table. Click on the name of a program for more information, screen shots and other information where available.

I find it disturbing how badly I used to code. If you see code that isn't tabbed or variables haven't been declared then take account of the age of the program before you hold it against me. :)

To run the executables for this, you will need the Visual Basic Runtime Libaries. I have the setup .exe available here.

Name Mathematical Practical Size How long ago I wrote it Language Description
Java maths thing   A few weeks ago Java This is a java class that takes a mathematical expression such as ln(e^(2+1)) and evaluates it to a double float value.
IRC Bot Right now! Java When it's finished, this will be an IRC bot that will perform simple channel services
Rocket 1 year Visual Basic Game: A lunar lander program that was originally destined to be my A-Level computing project until I decided I would get more marks for a database.
WINDuel 3 years -> 6 months Visual Basic Game: It started a huge craze at school, to the point where I was asked to put in code that would prevent it from being run during lesson times…
Demolition 2 years Visual Basic Game: It’s a turn based strategy game like C&C and the like. Its not very playable, games can last for hours and are very boring.
Shooting Targets A few months Visual Basic This I designed for a local shooting club. It takes a scanned in 'target' and identifies where the holes are in it.
Word Scramble   About a year Visual Basic & Java Lists all the permutations of a word. You can then search this list for a string of characters. This was for A-Level statistics.
dde     About a year Visual Basic This allows me to do 'big text' spams on mIRC.
Pictogram     2 years Visual Basic Program I made to satisfy my Mother's Primary School ICT requirements.
Adjs     2 years Visual Basic  
Screen Saver 2 years Visual Basic A screen saver I made for the school to run on their network.
3D   Less than a year Visual Basic My attempt at a 3D engine, after learning about 3d vectors in Further Maths. All totally software, no OpenGL cheating!
WarFTPProg     Less than a year Visual Basic Simply gets information from my FTP Server about access priorities for all the users and displays the information on a chart.
LandscapeGen     1 or 2 years Visual Basic I tried to generate 3d landscapes, but failed.
Pingo     1 year Visual Basic Game: I liked the java version of this so I wrote it myself in VB.
BPM     2 years Visual Basic The user taps out the beat of a song with the space bar, and the program calculates the 'beats per minute' of the song.
HSL     2 years Visual Basic This is me working out how to translate a colour as a 32bit integer into Hue, Saturation and Luminance components.
Art     2 years Visual Basic This is me messing around with particles leaving a random trail; leaving pretty colourful patterns.
QuakeNam   2 or 3 years Visual Basic Program to make colourful 'Quake names' using the >128 characters
PalEdit     3 years Visual Basic Program to edit Paint Shop Pro .pal (palette) files.
kleab   3 years Visual Basic Level editor for the 'Kye' game
QES     3 or 4 years Visual Basic Quadratic Equation solver - for doing 3rd form maths questions quicker.
RPG       Ages ago Visual Basic All useless little games I made when I knew no better. Note the DOS 8 letter capital names :)
MATCH       Ages ago Visual Basic  
DUNGEON       Ages ago Visual Basic  
ICEBERG       Ages ago Visual Basic  
GREED       Ages ago Visual Basic  
modBasic.bas varies varies Last updated less than a month ago Visual Basic I found I was using the same functions over and over again in my programs so I put them in here.
mod3d.bas Last updated less than a month ago Visual Basic These are structures and functions I used for handling vectors in the 3D project mentioned above.